"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


chitty chitty bang bang... [more like shitty shitty bang bang]...

my ex husband David gave our son Alex a car this weekend. lemme tell ya about it..... it's a 1983 Lincoln Continental that has been sitting in David's yard for years. it needs some engine work and a new muffler, but it runs. all the windows go down except the front drivers one. the interior fills with fumes due to inadequate exhaust. there is no cloth material on the inside roof, just brown rubbery stuff that sprinkles down on you when you hit a bump. no air conditioning. seat belts are duck taped together to simulate safety [as they were chewed up by the families of mice who used to inhabit and possibly drive the car]. the front passenger seat moves and tilts when you go around the corner. the glove box is crookedly hanging by a hinge. the driver's arm rest keeps falling out as you drive, and there are many loose panels in the whole interior that if you were to crash, you would most likely be killed by the loose debris in the car. as you turn a corner, you can hear the right front CV joint rock n roll as it is broken. the back bumper is hanging loose on one side and clinks when you hit a bump. and to top it all off, it's a fucking ugly shade of light yellow, almost cream colored..... i just don't feel like this car is safe for Alex to be driving. and the REAL kicker of all time is that Alex is SO proud to have his very own first car that it's as if he was driving a new hummer.... [the only humming noise this car makes is the engine]. he is so grateful and proud and ecstatic to have his first car, that i don't have the heart to tell him what a piece of shit it really is and that it feels like i will fall out the door on my tilty seat every time he goes around a corner or stops fast. i ran errands with him today and we both got headaches from the fumes. i cannot let him continue driving this car, i fear for his safety.

what should i do? i cant afford to buy him a car. i feel like David just threw him scraps giving him this car, like just to say he gave him a car, never mind how shitty and unsafe it is.

Alex also lost his job at the children's museum today. they layed off a few people and he was one of them. he really loved his job. he worked there for 2 years. he is very depressed tonight as he has car insurance and his cell phone to pay each month. and he is taking 2 college classes that he needs to drive to. [he didn't sign up for full time until fall semester as he was working and trying to save up money over the summer]. i feel so bad for him. i hope and pray he finds another job soon. it's hard for me to watch him go through this. bless his little jobless crappy car driving heart.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, poor baby! His father is definitely an assbag for giving him that death trap! I hope you never, EVER have to hear, "Well, at least Dad gave me a car!" I can't imagine your son ever being that disrespectful, but one never knows, right? I would not feel comfortable, either, letting him drive it. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but instead I'll just share in your pain. :(

Technodoll said...

gaaah! is there a way you can at least pay for a basic overhaul of the exhaust system & safety belts??

David should be ashamed of himself. he should have sold the car for scrap and gotten your son something safer!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I feel badly for him, but I love the fact that he appreciates this gift, even if it is crappy. That says a LOT!