"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


although i would certainly not fit inside a washing machine, i have been through the ringer these last 6 days... but i came out clean.

last week i was called into work, accused of stealing something, and put on suspension until today, when i was cleared after an investigation concluded my innocence. this has never happened to me before. i strongly believe that the co-worker who accused me, had done so because either 1.) she has a problem with my sexuality or b.) maybe she took it, then when it got noticed, needed a scapegoat and of course voila-- ME. all i care about now is that i didn't lose my job and she can not ruin my reputation nor my future... i will still have to work with her however, and how that works out will have to wait to be seen. the fear and stress i have felt these last 6 days has been unexplainable. not because i feared being found guilty, because i KNOW i didn't take the fucking thing, however to have my lively hood & career put on the line like that.... gave me diarrhea as if i were contemplating air travel [those who know me, understand]. all sorts of what ifs ran through my head like a pack of zebras running the fields in Africa trying to out run hungry lions that would have torn them apart had they caught them.... FEAR... it comes in many flavors, eh? fear of being jobless.... fear of the unknown.... oh yeeeesss i know i am being dramatic, but its helping me vent my stress in doing so.... why some one would purposely hurt another, is beyond my understanding.
in all of this process, the revelation of the fact that i am indeed gay, may have retributions of its own as time goes on, as everyone at work now knows.... i certainly used that issue in my defence of one of the possible reasons she has accused me of stealing. i am at a point where i do not fucking care who knows, and what they think. it doesn't matter to me any longer. i am getting too old for such childish shit. this isn't high school.... Toto, we're not in Kansas any more... ya know? it's not like i am a mass murderer, I'm just gay for Pete's sake... in the meantime, i am keeping my eye out for another position doing the same thing, some where else. i think i have had enough bullshit working where i do, and it's time for me to fly...




DysFUNctional Mom said...

:::applause::: I will never understand why people care who other people are sleeping with. As long as it's not the same person they're sleeping with.
Does that make any sense? I know what I mean.
I was once accused of stealing cash from a house I was cleaning. My boss didn't even tell me, just dropped the account without even questioning me. I found out later by overhearing something. It made me feel good that he'd had complete trust in me. But it still pisses me off to this day that I was accused!
I'm glad they found the truth. Good luck to you in finding another job, a better, bullshit-free job (does that even exist?).

Haizey said...

I am still stunned when people pull this kind of crap. I am glad it didn't turn into an even bigger mess for you though. And did you employees say just how are you supposed to continue working with that women, did that take any action against her for falsely accusing you?

jo.irish.rose said...

toone, tell me, which bitch, shes dead, i said. omg, ima poet. roflmao. jojo

Butch Boo said...

Good for you and yes...fuck the bastards!!! (Not literally ofcourse!!!)

Poor you



Clippy Mat said...

glad you came out at the other end ok after all of that. it must have been a terrible ordeal!
stay strong.

ChiTown Girl said...

I can't believe that in 2009, people are still putting up with this kind of bullshit! That bitch should get a clue, and GROW UP!!

Sorry you've had to deal with this ridiculous nonsense. I'll be praying that a new job comes your way.

kimber p said...

so you never told us what you were accused of stealing from the straight bitch that made her so mad she needed revenge on you.... did you take her vibe or something?? and honestly..can't you file a grievance or something against her?

C said...

she accused me of taking a mastectomy bag which she sews and makes for our cancer patients... of all things what the fuck would i do with one of those? i did file a grievance. in fact, i am hoping she will quit. we'll see.


J. Hi said...

I am so sorry that happened to you and so angry at the b*tch who accused you. I am glad you were cleared but what a terrible thing to go through. That totally sucks the big one.

Any update? Did she quit yet? I hope there was some reprecussion for accusing someone falsely.