"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i had another wonderful day today. it was in the 80's [sorry, cheech] and Diane and i took Bella for a walk. i even managed a nappy this afternoon. had the weirdest dream of my daughter being kidnapped. yuk, let's not even go there.... i woke up in a cold sweat.
then later this afternoon our good friends Rob and Cheryl called, and wanted to get together tonight for a cook out. they and their 3 boys [triplets who are 15] came over, we sat on the deck, grilled, and then ate outdoors. what a gorgeous evening it was. it had cooled down and a slight breeze was blowing, we had the deck lights on, music playing... it was one of those great evenings that were last minute, sometimes i think those are the best. after awhile, Rob and Diane cut down some [needed] tree branches. after awhile, Alex took the kids to the park across the street and the 4 adults played cards. now, the wife has gone to bed, my boys are asleep as well, and i, the infamous lesbian nightshift-worker is wide awake [remember i had a nappy] and I've got my surfboard on, surfin the web....... i go back to work Saturday night. and the beat goes on....
i am listening to my ipod, which has many of my fave tunes on it. as each song comes on, my memories sweep me back to the time warp they originally came out in. and as i write, and sit here, my feelings are all over the spectrum as some songs remind me of earlier happy days with David, some remind me of coming to terms with my sexuality..... some are me and Diane songs that we have either slow danced or made love to. god, so many memories..... when i am old and can't communicate any longer, i want my kids to play these tunes over and over again for me, so i can feel comforted in the warm feelings these songs bring back to me. can you put such a request in a will, i wonder? can i get a grilled cheese sammie with that, and a few radishes to go along with it.... erm, yeah, if i still have my teeth. but if i don't, I'll take some creamy oatmeal [use real cream and lots of brown sugar, please] with nearly burnt [real] buttered toast to dunk in it. [no need to worry 'bout the ole cholesterol then, ey?] oh but wait, what if i cant move to feed myself? then.... i suppose a chocolate milkshake will do with an extra wide straw so i don't have to suck so hard. [erm, yeah] yeah, that'll work. if i ever get to that point where i can no longer eat? just cover me face with a pillow till i ainta kickin NO MO! is there a place in the will for that final request, too? wanna know what kinda songs are floatin my boat right now?
yeah, let's take a lil trip down memory lane-
dixie chicks "i can love you better than that" & I'm not ready to make nice"
def leopard "love bites" & "heartache"
melissa etheridge "nowhere to go" & "stronger than me" & "you can sleep while i drive" & "angels would fall" & "the weakness in me" [love LOVE her version] and many more of hers
madonna "dress you up in my love" & "get into the groove"
cat stevens "father and son"
shania "im gonna getcha"
duran duran "come undone"
monkees "words" & "look out" & "shades of gray"
don henley "heart of the matter"
everything but the girl "downtown train" & "apron strings" & "i don't wanna talk about it"
exile 'kiss you all over"
trisha yearwood "she's in love with the boy"
faith hill "that kiss"
queen "one year of love"
aerosmith "what it takes" & "angel"
golden earring "twilight zone"
indigo girls "closer to fine" & "romeo and juliet"
j lo "my love don't cost a thing"
kd lang "valley of the dolls" [lerve her version]
pat benatar "fire n ice" & "we belong" & "shadows of the night"
patti smyth "because the night"
pink "like a pill"
lionel richie "sail on"
sawyer brown "drive me wild"
shaggy "you're my darlin angel" [he has such a sexy voice]
the guess who "runnin down the street" & "sour suite"
sade *"by your side"* [this is mine and diane's song]
meatloaf "took the words right out of my mouth"
neil diamond "girl, you'll be a woman soon"
shakira "my hips don't lie"
just to name a few.....
so many more great songs....
ahhh yes, nothing like goin down [on a woman] i mean memory lane.


Marissa said...

Great post! A perfect evening. And it seems like music always has a whole different "feel" when listened to late at night alone.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Glad you had a good day...and even a nappy?? BONUS!!!
Love your song list...some of those are my faves too. I will look into the will request, I like that idea myself...I hope I can just hear still.

Technodoll said...

I love that you connect music so strongly with memories and the feelings they evoke... then go on to talk about food in a way that made me both laugh and drool!! You're a wicked one, you are :-D

ChiTown Girl said...

I love it when I get a shout out in the middle of a post!! :)

And, you're so right, I would have been miserable! That picture at the top of this post made me laugh out loud!!