"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i don't know what to think about this controversy over Miss California stating she thinks marriage should be between "opposites" [meaning man and woman]. it is being speculated that she lost Miss USA due to her answer. i hope that is not true. i truly hope it was based on her all around qualifications, even though i have a problem with pageantry anyway. [i hate them because they promote women being judged by looks, outer beauty ranking higher than inner beauty and to me that is SO wrong].
but let me say this. whether or not you support same sex marriage [and i do], everyone has the right to state your opinion and no one should be "punished" for doing so. [as long as it does not hurt anyone else]. of course i would like it if she had said something in support of everyone having equal rights, but she didn't. it's not my place to judge her and what she believes to be true, just as i don't wanna be judged for my beliefs. some celebrities are getting all over her statement because she didn't say what they hoped she would of said. they are taking it personally that she was "slamming" equal rights, when in fact she was only answering a question as honestly as possible, for HER own benefit.... to that i say, cowboy up, people. give her a break. it's NOT all about you! it was all about her. its pissing me off that "my kind" aka other gays, would react as if she were slamming them personally. have faith people. we will get there, where equality is for everyone, regardless of sexual preference. we don't have to be so desperate and ready to jump anyone who has a different opinion. live and let live, i say..... we must take the road less traveled and EDUCATE people on equality, set an example to be proud of, and do so peacefully. nothing is gained when done in anger and slander.

what do YOU think?


Clippy Mat said...

i agree. beauty pageants are dumb.
i couldn't see past the teeth, hair and tits anyway to know what she was on about.

Busy Bee Suz said...

**again, climbing out from under my rock** I had not heard this news yet.....I agree, you are entitled to your opinions...we all are. But mine are the right ones. They matter to me, and they should to everyone. ;) that was funny, right?
Equal rights across the map.

Marissa said...

I've never once heard a beauty pageant contestant/winner speak or think like an educated person. They should be seen - not heard. Was that mean?

SkylersDad said...

At least she sounded more intelligent than Miss South Carolina did.

Technodoll said...

I think you're amazing to step up with such a balanced and fair view on life and people's right to freedom of speech and thought!

Never understood the point of pageants, although I guess we have them for dogs and horses too... maybe this girl was in the wrong one :-)