"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


i thought it was time to give you
an update on the current status of my situation.
inquiring minds wanna know.....
about 10 days ago, i was told i could no longer
work in that temporary job of sorting through
folders and labeling boxes with
Kama Sutra drawings on them.
apparently, my manager/boss was being charged
for my wages and it counted against her
productivity scores. as soon as this
was discovered, she no longer gave
her authority for me to work temporarily,
in another department. consequently,
i have been home on LOA,
gimpying around and getting paid for it.
i have also been attending physical
therapy 3 times a week. i feel like that is
helping my shoulder, however i still
have pain and burning, and weakness in that arm.
on 3-10 i see the doctor again for a check-up,
to reassess the condition of my rotator cuff,
and he will decide either to continue with
physical therapy, go back to work, or do surgery.
in the meantime, i am getting little things
done at home that i never seemed to find the
time to do, when i was working.
it's not like i have a DYSON to help me out......
all i have is a fucking hoover.
even the name sounds dirty.
hey, i can see your hoover from here....
or..... is that hoover i smell, or are we
just walking too fast....?
my daughter Emily and i have
reconciled again.....
we have been talking things out and
i have been seeing Julian, my grandson, quite a lot.
i don't know how long this hiatus with her will last,
but i am soaking it all in for the time being.
i am also trying to write my coming out
story, and having a terrible time doing so.
the words just aren't flowing.
which to me is a sign that this may
not be the right time to do so.
being a night shift nurse but now
having to function as a day person is
cornfusing the shit out of my internal clock.
i cant seem to sleep through the entire night
or go to bed at a decent hour.
even my intestinal elimination clock is fucked.
and that's not funny.
i am a girl who likes regularity....
daily scheduling...... the same old/same old....
routine defecation, ya know?
this unorganized shit is driving me crazy.
(pardon the pun) hahaha
aside from all things mentioned above,
I'm not doing too fucking bad, i must say.
if only i could hit the power ball once.
JUST ONCE i say.



Technodoll said...

Thank goodness you're off the wretched box labeling duty, maybe now you'll be able to get some rest... if you can stop diddling with that hoover... LOL!

Enjoy the baby :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that your relationship with your daughter is improving, even if it's for a short while, you needed the break.

Oh and don't Dyson's rock?!?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sounds like some good things are happening...home and getting unfinished chores/crap done, talking w/daughter and seeing grandson....I hope the Dr. has some good news for you.
Don't you just love that new Hoover commercial though? If I had seen that before I got the Dyson...I don't know, it may have swayed me...I'm just saying...I am easily influenced by those darn marketing peeps. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

SOOOO glad to hear things are looking up. Now that you're being forced to stay home, I'm almost a little afraid of what kind of crazy things you'll be able to find on the internet NOW!! :)

SkylersDad said...

Hope your shoulder gets better. I have had surgery on both of mine, it is not fun!

Chrissie said...

Glad to hear your doing better! :) Keep your head up girly!

La Roo said...

Can you share some of your doodlings? Would love to see them.
May I make a suggestion with your story?
I don't know if your trying to handwrite it or do it on the computer. If you title the top of a page with a matter of importance and do this with several pages. Then you don't have so many things to overwhelm you and shut you down. Then you will also be able to refer back to those titles when something pops into your head and it's ready to go.
Have a good one.
Take Care.

C said...

LOL thanks for all the suggestions and i am glad you all enjoyed this lil rooster..... lmao


Chloie said...

Glad thing are looking up for you, especially getting along with your daughter. Stay happy..

Anonymous said...

I saw the header & the picture & thought: Wow, I just don't have that much imagination. Being paid to gimp around at home & go to PT is a good thing. You need it right now. There is only so much box labeling one person can do without going insane anyway.
The improvement in your relationship with your daughter is the very best thing about this post. It affects everything about you :-).