"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


Lookie Lookie here....

http://iteachkdg.blogspot.com/ alias chitown girl, gave me this award today! thank you so much chichi. (i call her chichi, she likes it.) she has a cRaZy sense of humor which i fucking love. yeah, we get along, that chichi.... sexual status: she might be gay, let's ask her..... did ya know in Venezuelan, chichi means "I'm really into cooters..?" yep. i looked it up. bless her lil cooter lovin heart.
OK. so i am one of chichi's 10 bloggers who will receive this award. it's like a little game. if you wanna play, here are the rules:

1. You must link back to the person you received the award from. (ok, i did).
2. You have to nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award! (check.)

3. These will be in no particular order. OK then. let's get this party started, as pink would say.

wheeeeew this will be SO hard as i enjoy so many of you! alas, there will be more awards and i will eventually pick all of you. so don't cry. please. or you'll make me pee my pants.

1. http://beansmoments.blogspot.com/ this is for Jill, a very smart, fashionable newlywed who makes the most beautiful jewelry EVAH! check out her stuff, it's beautiful!! and she has monthly giveaways. one of these days i will be a winner, i just KNOW it. ;) she has been a good support to me. bless her little wire cutters. sexual status: she is a non lesbian. a hetero. if you can stand it. aah well. we can't all be gay.

2. http://bearsmountain.blogspot.com/ this is for OC.... whom i have a special place in my heart for, as we both love the Indigo Girls and Melissa Etheridge, (among other things). kindred souls, we are. she has great music on her blog, check it out! lately, though, she has been feeling so small, she has to look up to put her socks on. seriously. and that, my friends, isn't pretty. bless her little young son's messy room. sexual status: (she's queer.) ssshhhhhhhhh it's a secret. NOT!

3. http://talesfromclippymat.blogspot.com/ this is me lil clippy mat friend. a dear heart from England who i so enjoy reading cuz i have a soft spot for Brits....(and for ladies who come from England, too) hahahahah. she has a wonderful sense of humor, makes me laugh, but she DOES bruise easily so handle with care! bless her little cotton socks, that one. sexual status: she's a British non lesbian, who are rare in these here parts. could she be converted? inquiring minds wanna know.....

4. http://reallivelesbian.blogspot.com/ what more can i say. sexual status: she digs chicks. she loves boobies. she eats cooter. she wears red lipstick. and so do i. (well apart from the lipstick).. we're lesbians, that's what we do. she's wise, supportive, and trying to hide from the face book police. bless her lil criminal past. shhhhhhh don't tell anyone where she is..... or I'll have ta kill ya.

5. http://daybydaywithsuz.blogspot.com/ this is suz. she loves going to carnivals and teasing the carnie workers with her very buxom breasticles... some times the carnies even let go of the ride and people fall out of 'em. yep. her husband has to beat them back they want her so bad. they're lucky if they can eat one lousy corn dog, in peace. she loves boxers, (not briefs) and so do i. check out their photos on our blogs. bless her little paw prints on the windows. she has been a very supportive friend to me when i thought aliens had abducted all my bloggie comments. sexual status: she has always wanted to be gay, but her husband wont let her.

6. http://greeneyedgrrrl.blogspot.com/ heeeeeeer's Lisa. this chick is way younger than me, but oh so wise for her age. i look up to her. well, she IS taller than me. she has a GF. they take cRaZy pictures. she has a gift for writing and expresses herself so well. bless her lil weekend plans. sexual status: oh, don't tell her i said this, but .... (she's queer.) shhhhhhhhh don't say nuttin, she's very sensitive about it.

7. http://justclosemyeyesnbreathe.blogspot.com/ hey hey hey... (no, it's not fat Albert.) this is kimber, dear kimber. very funny, sensitive, wise, a mild mannered reporter much like Lois lane.... bless her little soft spoken heart. sexual status: she's not gay but her wife is. that's a joke. she couldn't love pussy more if it were covered in chocolate! just luv her to bits. her blog is a good 'un to read. she is very proud of her sons who are serving our country in Iraq. God, keep them safe always. :)

8. http://angelomega.blogspot.com/ this is J. Hi. what kind of fucking name is that. initials, i tell ya. (yet, i go by C) this gal is very funny. her and the hubby like to fall through ceilings and such, just for shits and giggles. bless their lil bloodied body parts. they get bored easily. sexual status: she's a lesbo wannabee cuz she wears those CrAzY brightly colored hats... (and we all know that means you are gay, right...) but alas, she be married.
for now ;) very funny stories of her daily life and intimate details of her very horny sex life, too. (ya know what they say about those people who like to fall through tight holes). stop in for some tea. or a vibrator. which ever comes first LMAO..... i just kill me....

9. http://skylersdad.blogspot.com/ my "award winning" man friend, Chris. sexual status: he isn't gay.... but i think he used to be. he and his wife are totally devoted to caring for and raising their beautiful son Tyler, who has CP is it?. and they do it well. that kid is happy and has his dad wrapped around his lil finger, as it should be. bless his lil hurtin body. but Chris also has a naughty side. he has the best dirty jokes on his blog, and he is a prankster. i hear he buys condoms by the case load.... hmmmm what is THAT about... i guess you'll have to go see for yourself, ey? that Chris.

10. http://hollywoodfarmgirl.blogspot.com/ now this chickie is Melissa Etheridge's partner, Tammy. you can't leave comments on her blog, the biotch.... and she will nevah come and claim her award, but i love her/them anyhoo. bless her lil cranial looney tunes. i like reading it because it gives me a small connection and insight into their lives, which in a weird way gives me comfort in knowing i am not alone, cuz when i was coming out, i looked to them for role models and community. however, lately she been sounding a lil cRaZy like a fruitcake kinda crazy... so i don't know what's going on there... they don't even know i exist. but haaay, i love Melissa's music, she is one of my faves. oh. sexual status: yep, you guessed it. they are both lezzies. i swear.

and last but not least, an honorable mention;

http://mylilirishthots.blogspot.com/ yo peeps, i would like to introduce you to my baby sister Joanne. (she is not the one i refer to in prior blogs. that's Denise, who lives here in Omaha.) Jo just recently started her blog, encouraged by mine, she says, and i would like to invite my peeps to check hers out and welcome her. her creativity is just startin to flow. like a period. only she doesn't get those no mo. bless her little hystorectomied vagaygay. oh. by the way, DON'T ask her about her grandchildren. you'll nevah get out alive... heehee i just love her. sexual status: she isn't a lesbian. but she has toys.... ;)

i love all of my bloggie friends. it was hard to choose. if you guys look at my sidebar, my friends are all there... and all are recommended reading. eeeey, once anyway.



ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my holy hell! I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face from laughing!! You were on a roll when you wrote this post!!! I especially love the intro. And, yes, I DO like being called ChiChi, by the way. I think it's endearing :) If I ever decide to switch teams, you'll be the first to know!!

LOVE the picture of you and Lady Di, by the way. So cute! You two just look so happy. It warms the heart.

I can't wait to check out these blogs tomorrow (as it's 1 o'clock in the morning, and I MUST go to bed!!) I'll come back and give you my thoughts later.

ChiTown Girl said...

I forgot to mention that all these crazy colors you used for this post make the text look 3D. It's kinda weird. Does anyone else see that, or is it just MY crazy eyes?

C said...

uh oh... if it hurts me peeps eyes, lemme know. i can use just one color. seriously. jus lemme know.
k? k.


kimber p said...

I am literally sitting here with my mouth wide open laughing because you pretty much crack me the hell up.
Before I say anything else, I have to clear something up--I'm not straight. NOT. Straight. I'm to-the-bone Lesbian. :D <---big, cheesy smile. Couldn't love a pussy more if it were covered in chocolate.. not that there's anything wrong or shameful about being straight, that's how some people roll, but not me :)
now I'm going to spaz out about the impression I'm giving off in my blog...lmao!! great! another thing to freak out about!!!
*calm down kimmie...grab your paper bag and breathe!*
thanks for the award my sweetie :) I've got to teach you how to do links...*sigh*

C said...

it was a joke kimber, diane says it all the time, fucking british humor... gives me gas. i fixed it hon, don't worry. does it sound better now? good.
did i do the links wrong? teach me teach me....

C said...

and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you dont come across straight or bi by any means in your blog, dont even fucking think that, ok? it's ALL dianes fault i tell ya. and i'm gonna go slap her right now, on your behalf.


kimber p said...

lmao...C..you didn't have to change it :)
now I feel bad for making such a fuss...lol...I hear all the time (from my partner too) that I don't look gay, that no one would ever know that I'm gay unless I pointed it out to them..blah, blah, blah...I guess I'm just over-sensitive about it and there's no way you could have known that :)
please forgive my spaz tendencies ..ok?

ps...I'll try to put together a step by step link instruction thing...I talked Amy thru it over the phone. Is your email posted in here somewhere?

kimber p said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clippy Mat said...

a Brtiish non lesbian?
that's my title? OMG you nutter.
that's how i shall introduce myself to all from now on, "hello, my name is clippy and i'm a british non lesbian."
btw yes, the red on the black hurts my eyes too. but that's cos my non lesbian eyes are middle aged now and i squint a lot.
have a great day.

SkylersDad said...

Thanks very much for the award, what an honor! And I fixed the follow mishap, dirty damn blogger machinery!

greg said...

Thanks for the love! Btw, I am def. not sensitive about being gay; in fact it's one of my favorite qualities. :)

random moments said...

I'm rolling over here in my office laughing girl! You are too funny!! I love my award and will play this little game asap. ;)

P.S. - Thanks for the little plug about my jewelry. You're awesome! ((hugs))

J. Hi said...

Hee Hee! I feel like it's my birthday! Thank you, C! I am so honored! Now I'm going to put on my lesbian hat. ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny...quite the sense of IMAGINATION. You are just like my 13 year old!!!!!
And I see a running pattern here...you are seriously obsessed w/ the gay thing...trying to convert EVERYONE??????

C said...

awwww you guys, reading this now in a rested state of mind sounds more like you were all roasted rather than just linked up. sawwee.
love you all.
and you were all good sports about it.

jo.irish.rose said...

hey toone, nice...tell all your bloggy friends i have toys!!! now no one will come over and talk to me! lol j/k like you and di don't have a toy box FULL!! ladies, you don't want to know...anywhoo...thanks for the kind words...i checked out a couple of blogs already and had fun, joined up too. loved the stories. you guys are too much, i am not going to have time for anything now, i will spend all my time on here!! i am feling a bit better, thanks granny, went to dr. today, double ear infection, but should soon perk up. good meds. so, i will see you all on here. going to rest now. g'night all. be good. jo (love you toone)

C said...

granny, i cant find your blog or respond to you ANYWHERE! and thank you for being so sweet to check out me lil sis's blog. and the rest of you too. it was fun.


kimber p said...

shoot rose...I'll come and play..or ...talk..yeah talk!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate the kind words, and I can't wait to check out some of the others!!!! I know a few...but some of 'em are new! ;)