"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


can we talk......?
there is SO much going on in the news recently, that it makes me dizzy. i have to stop watching it. but i don't. the trial for Casey Anthony, who is charged with the murder of her 3 year old little girl, is supposed to take until next year to go to trial. how frustrating is that. she just sits in jail day after day, eating her bon bons, refusing to talk about anything she could say that would ease the minds of her parents, and would close the case on the murder of her daughter. now there is speculation that her finger prints are on the duct tape that was placed over the toddlers mouth after she was dead. this woman lets the rest of the world, including her family, suffer without the knowledge of what happened to Caylee. she refuses to speak. and now, she is claiming the 5th amendment so she will not be put on the stand at her trial. this is just FUCKING BULLSHIT. how can she get away with that? i say, give her sodium pentothol. yeah, it would infringe on her inalienable rights as a human being, but look at what our country did in Guantanamo..... i guess the water boarding and various torturous methods they incorporated to retrieve information, was acceptable, but a simple IV medication for a possible murderer isn't?
that's crazy. that IS NOT right.
put an end to this ongoing torturous saga.
then, we have a new abduction of a 5 year old girl just a few hours south from where Caylee lived. this girls name is Haleigh. someone took her from her bed at around 3am last Tuesday, a week ago to be exact. the father was at work until 3am. he left his 17 year old bimbo girl friend in charge of his 2 year old son, and this little doll. the girlfriend waited until he was on his way home to call him on the cell phone to tell him his daughter was gone. then she proceeds to tell continually changing versions of where she was..... did she get up to go to the bathroom, notice the kitchen light on and the back door propped open with a cement block....? was she sleeping in the bed with the 2 kiddos, as she first stated... which then changed into, she was asleep in another room... oh, and she stated the girl had a pink top on when she put her to bed, but they have since located that same pink top inside the house, so obviously she couldn't be wearing it. is it just me, or does any one else think she is a liar and will probably end up having had something to do with the abduction? bimbo's mother was next to her on the couch in an interview, with no teeth. come on, granny, put the fucking dentures in for an interview, would ya.... have some class.
no one is addressing the fact that this bimbo girlfriend is under age and sleeping with the father who must be in his late 20's possibly even early 30's. isn't that called statutory rape? also, they keep playing his response to the police call that was made... and you can hear him say to the bimbo, and i quote "you let my girl get stole, you fucking bitch..." and this bimbo STAYS with him through this! i think she is more afraid of him than the police. the missing girls' mother doesn't have custody of the kids, you know there's gotta be a damn good reason for that to happen. so. as i sit and watch this shit in disbelief, i can only assume we will be hearing more cases of kidnappings. oh. i forgot to tell you. the police said there are over 44 pedophiles living in the area of the missing girl..... and one bastard is missing. they showed his picture and he is disgusting. his M.O. stat sheet has him listed as having broken into a trailer previously and molesting a young girl in her bed. well fuck me hard, its not too difficult to put 2+2 together here. i think, and this is only MY opinion, but i think the bimbo was fooling around on the boy friend, whilst he was at work... someplace else... while some one broke into the trailer and abducted the girl... and that's why her story doesn't blend. and that's why she couldn't remember what pj's she put the girl to bed in. WTF. i ALWAYS knew what my kids wore to bed every night.
and if this shit isn't crazy enough for ya, we have the octumom situation. there's a lawyer in California who is suing ocumom to take her kids away and place them for adoption. they haven't even left the hospital yet! and she is getting death threats. DEATH THREATS, you guys. just because she made a foolish decision in having so many children, and they wanna kill her? who are these people...? WTF. what, may i ask, is our fucking world coming to when a child isn't even safe in their own bed at night, when your own mother can murder you rather than get a sitter so she can go out to party... and now having multiple births elicits death threats.... i ask again, WTF. it all makes me sick. all of it. i am disgusted with these evil things in our world. and you know what? it's only gonna get worse. i am not being pessimistic. it's our reality. it will get much
worse before it's all over. and so we pray.
that's all we can do..... and for me, it feels like my prayers are not being heard. i need a sign.... i need a sign that god really is listening, really does care, and really has his hand on all of us, despite all of our shortcomings and perversions. because i know one thing. every pedophile and pervert out there, is also a victim of something terrible from their past. they HAVE to be. no one is born to do such things. at least that's what i believe. thanks for hearing me out. i was just about to burst with a need to vent about all this. its making me crazy.



Technodoll said...

I just change the channel when it comes to redneck trailer park "news". I have Jerry Springer if I need the dramah and stupidity...

Sigh. Poor kids, is all I'll say.

FrankandMary said...

I love keeping up on the news in general, but stick to newspapers & radio for that. TV news is so freakin white trash at times. Highlighting all the minimal effort & maximum wrong deeds. ~Mary

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hate the news. Really. It is all sucky.

random moments said...

Oh, I feel sort of dizzy after reading that. Hehehe. I just can't watch the news anymore.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Exactly why i don't watch the news much anymore. Too much sadness and misery.

Hang in there!

C said...

i agree with you all. i will have to take a sabbtical from the news. its just that i HAVE to watch it. i think i am addicted. i think i need a 12 step meeting....
hello, my name is chris, do we get CNN here, or what..?


jo.irish.rose said...

tatoone....i was just looking at your cute initials, CRP, and thought we could play a game with this...it might mean something, eh? so...let's see, carpe, as in carpe diem? sieze the day? or crap, no that was too easy...and too negative. poop. well it does fit your profile, but lets keep going. how about creep, no, not good. ok... i suck at this. how bout we not play. love you. muah, jo ;)