"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


why is it when everything seems to be running smoothly,
someone has to fuck it up?
it's my daughter again, and my sister, too.
i am going thru some not so fun times right now,
with my recent injuries, upcoming surgery,
and not being able to work.
you would think i could get a little
compassion from those two,
instead all i get is grief about this
and harassed about that...
none of which is important
or pertinent at the moment.
some harsh things were said to me
and about me by them. i am very hurt,
and have decided to step out of the picture
until i am ready to step back in...
and let the 2 of them hash it out.
i didn't raise my daughter to be a bitch,
but she certainly can be one.
i love her so much, and i just cant believe
she is acting the way she is.
i always get put in the middle of them,
they are SO much alike, it's scary.
that's why they butt heads so much,
cuz they have the same personalities.
and now "it's all MY fault"....
sure blame me, when i
haven't done anything wrong at all.
i have been crying most of the day.
got it all out. and now i am angry.
family crapola.....
does it ever get better than this?



ChiTown Girl said...


Clippy Mat said...

C: it comes and goes all the time. you have to just roll with the punches. can't change others so just keep hold of yourself....
some more hugs for you.

jo.irish.rose said...

tatoone, c'est moi, your lil sis, what can i do? you want i should come and beat them both up for ya? i know a guy, he wears black underwears....but really, what is wrong with them? can't they give a little help when someone is down? what wrong with peeps these days? i have a lady at work that acts the same way as the buck, and i want to slap de craps outta her. she has that face and the same remarks and everything. if i had two of them i think i would go crazy, and to think we are related to one, at least i live far enough away i dont have to deal with her too often. pauvre stite crotte, i miss you. i would tuck you in and cook for you and sing for you and rub your lil shoulder and tell you stories and i would even wipe your butt if'n you needed me to. but that is what sisters do...

when is your surgery? i have to work all week, so i dont know when i will be able to chat with you except through here. write me on mine. i love you, tell me what i can do. i will call them and tell them what for. k? they can kiss my butt and they will have to drive all the way over here to do it too!!! those bad girls!! they are soooo mean, after all you have done for them! how frikkin inconsiderate! ewwww i could chew their arm off! or something harsher!! lemme at 'em! i love you, your stite sissy jojo

random moments said...

Its does get better hun, or at least it did with me and my mom. When I moved out, the space between us physically helped us emotionally. Weird, I know.