"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.



thank you clippy for the letter M. this isn't Sesame Street so the faint of heart and young children may want to leave the room for a moment.... ;)
OK, so i need to list 10 things beginning with MY letter which again, is M.


1.) Mango chutney - love it with tandoori chicken yummy!
b.) Money...cant live without it... duh....
3.) Mouth....MMMMMMM to get lost in a kiss, is heaven on earth... my fave part of lovemaking.... among other things to get lost in - hey i AM a lesbian what can i say that's what we do. i must be orally inclined.
4.) Mother... i M one. i love being a matriarchal example to my offspring.
e.) Men.... gotta love 'em, there ARE some good ones out there. gay and straight ones... tall n short ones.... old n young 'uns- it's raining men!
f.) More. i always seem to want more of a good thing. is that bad?
7.) Movies. OH how i LOVE me a good flick.... just ask anyone....
8.) Manners. excluding burps and farts, gotta have 'em. don't be pickin your nose in my presence.... and open the door for your lady... and CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!
9.) Masturbation. WHAT.
j.) Mutuality. every thing's better when shared by two. sometimes, three.
10.) Music. can't live without it. takes me to another world. can invigorate me, make me cry, bring back memories, make me feel romantic.... always gives me joy... love it.... love it .... love it.

OK, I'm done. that was fun.
can i do another? huh? huh?
thanks clippy. and all of you other players.

(yeah yeah, i KNOW i actually did 11. i can count...)


Clippy Mat said...

well ms C, if i'd known you were going to be so 'shocking' i'd have given you the letter Z!
you are funny.
Mucho Mucho.
(M words right.)

ChiTown Girl said...

Great list!! I see you picked the right letter :)