"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


dazed & cornfused....

hello my friends. tonight's blog is a bit of something different for me. i want to say before i start that i am kinda scared to put this out there.... but here goes. i found a link to this Internet movie called "ZEITGEIST" and have just watched it. oh. my. god. basically, it discusses the conspiracy theory behind religion, government, and the economy. the religion part didn't really phase me as i have my own beliefs. the economy part also didn't phase me except to leave me with the impression that money is not what it seems to be. however, the government part blew me away and has left me with many doubts, questions, and a huge feeling of helplessness, betrayal, and fear. if anyone has seen this flick, i would really like your opinion if you don't mind sharing. the movie raises the questions that 9/11 may have been an inside job, a conspiracy complete with evidence and questions of blame. for example, there is NO way possible a plane the size of the one they said hit the pentagon, could have in fact hit it, coming in at the angle it did. they showed a computer reenactment of a large plane hitting the pentagon as we were told on TV at the time, but in reality, it was impossible that it could have hit that low to the ground without damaging other obstacles in its way, such as other buildings, cars, sculptures on the grounds...etc., which it would have to have done so to enter the pentagon at that degree. there were no eye witnesses in the immediate vicinity that saw or heard any plane fly towards the building. all the security videos on surrounding buildings which could have proved a plane did hit it, have conveniently disappeared. the government states the plane was so hot when it hit that it incinerated itself on impact.... to include 2 huge solid metal engines that always remain in plane crashes, as they are too thick to burn up. they supposedly found bodies of people inside that could still be identified as those who were already in the pentagon that morning. where were the passengers? no charred remains of any were found. the movie shows video of FBI agents immediately covering the ground surrounding the crash site with layers of sand and dirt, which is against every rule in such situations, as it destroys possible evidence. another example were the twin towers. they show eye witness accounts from many bystanders in various locations, who heard explosions in the basements of the towers just before the first plane hit. bomb experts state there HAD to be explosions throughout the towers to make them collapse on themselves the way they did, and had video of flashes of light inter spaced throughout the towers as they fell... which could have been explosives placed strategically. according to demolition specialists, the way the towers fell defied all prior explosion tactics performed in drills, demonstrating the towers should have fallen over, not collapsed.... and there should have been a core column remaining as the floors separated from the core structures as they pancaked down. twin tower #5 was never hit by a plane, yet it caught on fire and collapsed, too. there was video of flashes of light dispersed throughout that building as well, as it collapsed. they also found a few passports from the accused terrorists that "supposedly" made it through the fire from twin towers 1 & 2, made it through the explosions, fell all those stories through the smoke and fires, without being damaged and was still readable in pretty good condition on the ground, which they found 3 weeks later in the rubble. how does that happen when the planes incinerated on impact? how could the passports go unscathed? they compared photos from previous big jetliner crash sites from around the world, and compared them to the field in Shanksville, Penn. there is an established pattern of how debris gets scattered in a plane crash of that size. AND there should have been debris of plane parts, bodies, luggage, clothes, etc, but at the Shanksville field, there were none. it looked as if a hole had been dug in the shape of the plane, and nothing remained in it. even in the worst of plane crashes, there should remain parts of engines, bodies, seats, luggage, but there was NOTHING of the sort. no evidence whatsoever that people and belongings and plane parts crashed there. this documentary had actual clips to support the points they made.
the reasons given for this "inside job cover up" were for the government to be able to control the public population of the USA, make us believe what they need us to believe in order for the government to remain in power, have all the money, and keep us little folk in line. in the movie it was stated "as a society, we need to put a face on an enemy" so we can see who we are fighting against, ALLOW our government to be our security, to trust them, and to feel protected by them, as they go about business and make deals with other countries to remain in power and control. so much information was stated in this 2 hour flick, that i just cant list everything. President Bush and Dick Chaney are supposed friends with the bin laden family who live in Virginia, and have frequent visits with them. apparently it is Osama's brother.
essentially, we as citizens are marked stupid, gullible, and available to the government to be used however needed. on the day of these events, several military planes were in the air performing a drill in case a situation exactly like this, should occur.... coincidence? or planned... the drill added needed confusion and distraction to control towers along the east coast in order for the 9/11 plan to be executed. how perfect is that.

OK, i have a few questions myself.

1.) if 9/11 WAS an inside job and a real plane didn't crash into the field nor the pentagon, where are the people who were actually on it? where are they?? does someone have them locked up somewhere, to never be released again...?

b.) if the government construed this to show their power, did they purposely plan to kill all those people just to make their point?

did 9/11 really happen? could and would they do such a thing, really?

3.) all of the sentiment given to grieving families, and retributions promised and medals given.... was all that fake as well?

4.) if this is all true, what can be done about it?

e.) were there really planted explosions in the buildings to take them down like that? and why?
i am not sure what to think about all of this. i want to believe in my government, and trust that we are safe, and that everything is as it should be... but what if it isn't? i have watched enough conspiracy theories in documentaries to know that anything is possible. but this? this that affected the entire world? i just don't know...
what do you think???



J. Hi said...

I absolutely do not believe that it was an inside job. I cannot believe our own govenment would do that nor do I think Bush is an evil genius.

Usually in a plane crash the pilots are trying not to crash whereas on 9/11 they went full on into the buildings/ground which could explain why not much was left. I know it is hard not to believe when the info seems so convincing but I saw an interesting documentary done by Popular Science that disputed the 'inside job theory' point by point. It was equally as convincing.

C said...

thanks for your opinion. it certainly makes ya think, doesn't it? we may never know, and therefore must believe what we are told. but i'm just not 100% sure, either way.

kimber p said...

I don't know if I believe either that it was an inside job, but my partner does 100%. She is a true conspiracy theorist and pretty much if the electric goes out its because of something the government is doing to screw us.
I will tell you one thing though, the movie that Michael Moore did Fahrenheit 911 did open my eyes on a lot of the crap surrounding the whole horrifying event of 9-11.
I watched Bush's goodbye speech last night and I literally got tears in my eyes because I am so emmer-effing happy he's out of power...

C said...

yes kimber, we have watched fahrenheit 911. wow. diane, my partner is very much like your partner too! did you guys see that flick on the internet zeitgueist? if you liked moores 911 you will surely like this one.