"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


shit happens

...about a month ago, i was lifting my grandson Julian up for a goodbye hug (he is 3) and kiss. i felt something pop in my lower back. and each day since then has brought on varying degrees of pain, to the point where i couldn't lift my legs to go up stairs, without having someone to hang onto. i have used heating pads, ice packs, loads of medications, and staying off of my feet, all to no avail, as i am still not better. i just returned from an MRI of my lower back. i won't know the results until late today, possibly even tomorrow, depending on when it gets read. another thing, my daughter and i have had a falling out of sorts.... and we haven't been able to work it out. my heart aches, as i miss her and Julian so very much. the thing is, it was over something petty, and she is making a huge deal about it, unnecessarily. i think she has some issues that need to be resolved, which i would like to help her through, but maybe she needs someone else's opinion rather than mine. "cant see the forest for the trees" ya know?..... meanwhile, we did not have thanksgiving together and it hurt me. its the first time i haven't been with all of my children on a holiday. Christmas is coming up and i don't know if things between us will be resolved by then. so between my health issues and what is going on with my daughter, i feel overwhelmed, worried, and worn out. i was in such pain on thanksgiving, that i couldn't help Diane prepare dinner. luckily, my oldest son and my sister were able to. ya know how things always come in threes? well, the icing on the cake o' shit ala mode of my life lately is, i am fucking CONSTIPATED. me. MOI. the most regular person i know. i have been known as the queen of regularity. YEP. the QUEEN, i say. i bet their eyes were bulgin as they studied my MRI this morning. i bet they said...."this woman is full of shit!" it wouldn't surprise me, not one bit....



Clippy Mat said...

am i a sadist who mocks your pain? cos that made me laugh. it was the shit reference thing honest.
i have a 3yr old grandson called julian too.
so sorry about you and your daughter. that sucks. i hope she will come around soon. just be patient and wait it out.
sending you warm thoughts and hope your back gets better very soon too.

C said...

hi clippy- no you arent a frikkin sadist! i do try to keep my humor even in the darkest moments. it's a skill. and i thank you for the support. ;) kids----you cant eat a whole one....


my word verifacation was "hersach"
WTF? i am beginning to think aliens are communicating with an undercover alien planted in our world, as a spy... and word verifacations are little messages they leave for eachother, in code.
eeewwww creepy, eh?

ChiTown Girl said...

I've been out of the loop for a while here, and I'm just catching up with my blogistani friends. So sorry to hear about all the "crap" that's been going on in your life. Mostly for the stuff with your daughter, as I'm sure that's the most painful. I'll pray that things work themselves out for you both.

C said...

awww, you guys are so sweet. thank you very much for the support. it won't be a very happy christmas if its not resolved between me and my daughter. thanks for the prayers....