"...wE mUst bE thE chAnGe wE wiSh tO sEE iN thE wOrld..." K.G.


...seriously, donkey, that's enough...
(as Shrek would say)
SOOOOOO, who ya gonna vote for?
yep, it's that time of year again
when we have to make that all important decision-
who we gonna let run our country.
ah, if only it WERE up to us, the little people.
my faith as a regular Joe,
(or in my case Jane)
in our elective power is zero, zilch, nada, nuttin' hunny.
and as glen beck says, "lemme tell ya how i got there....."
1. i have come to believe that all politicians are liars, cheaters, and ass holes. they're schmoozers who will say and promise anything to get you to vote for them... yeah, like salesmen.
b. once in power, no one EVER does what they promised the people.
3. the bottom line always ALWAYS comes down to money. and how it will benefit those in power, the most.
fuck the little people like the poor,
the oppressed, the old, the minorities, the homeless,
the sick, the hard working, the gay,
AND the rights of animals, after all, they are people, too.
d. one side promises reform while the other side promises change.
hmmmm, which is the lesser of two evils...
to be honest, i really don't know.
they both mean something different to them
than it does to us, the little people.
so, what am i to do?
not vote?
and for whom?
i don't really like either choice.
hey, i have an idea!
let's see if ELLEN would run....
i trust her. she has been LOYAL.
at least we would have comedy in the white house.
I'm sure she could make our foreign dignitaries
and enemies laugh and see the lighter side of life and war.
she KEEPS her promises.
she is HONEST.
she would CARE about the animals.
she would GIVE to the needy.
(well, she gives stuff away on her show, doesn't she?)
she would tuck everyone in at night
and diligently watch over us as we sleep.
she wouldn't be screwing around with white house aides.
AND she would give congress a penny for her thoughts,
which i might add,
would leave all those old dry bastards
beggin' for mercy as the truth hurts.
yeah. i would vote for ELLEN.
anyone out there, with me?
i say, let's give her a chance!
E= Everyone. she would do what was fair and just, for everyone.
L= Laugh. she would put humor where humor belongs- EVERYWHERE.
L= Life. she would reform AND change that
which is unfair. like gay rights. animal cruelty.
she would allow us to bring our own candy to the movies.
E= Emotions. she has compassion, empathy, patience,
integrity, faith, hope, and love.
it's all in there.
like spices in a sauce.
we need that in the white house.
we need a good sauce.
it wouldn't all be about money,
she has enough of her own.
N= Network. she has connections- she knows Oprah,
the Clinton's, Cameron Diaz, and she found Nemo.
she'd hug ya.
every one feels better after a nice hug.
we need that in the white house.
more hugs.
yessereeee, bob.....
i'm votin' for ELLEN.
come on, ya'll....
let's get on the band wagon.


Clippy Mat said...

i don't get to vote cos i'm not from the u.s. but i am following the lead up to it with keen interest.

thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you.
(i also have a grandson named julian.)

Gina said...

yeah!! Ellen for president!! hehe

goooooood girl said...

i like......